Prairie Areas

Meyer Prairie
Located one and one-half miles north of Ricketts Iowa and adjacent to , this two acre native prairie was donated to the County for preservation status.

Anderson Prairie

This 2.5 acre prairie/woodland area was also donated to the county to preserve a remnant prairie. It is located two mile west of Manilla, Iowa.

In addition to a few small tracts, native prairie exists mostly in township Cemetery sites in Crawford County. The Conservation Board has arranged management agreements with several Cemetery Boards through out the County as well as contracting with Naples junk removal to haul away any unwanted trash or rubbish.

Each plot, depending on the number and plant species, is unique in its own way. Although only a few acres each, the sites provide education and an appreciation for the beauty of Iowa’s natural landscape. More than one hundred species of prairie grasses and flowers exist on these sites.

The areas are King Cemetery, one mile west of Vail, Iowa on highway 30, then four miles north on 330th St.; Vail Cemetery, one-half mile west of Vail on K Ave.; Buck Grove Cemetery, one mile east of Buck Grove on Buck Creek Ave., the one-half mile south on 250th St.; Willow Cemetery, five miles south of Charter Oak on L51, then one mile west of P Ave.; Old Catholic Cemetery, one mile east of Denison on O Ave., then one mile south on 283rd St. and Newcom Prairie, one mile south of Boyer on M40, then one-half mile east of Ave., then one-half mile south on 320th St.