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Although development for recreation at Yellow Smoke is important, so is also the management of timber and
wildlife population.

In the mis 1800's, Chief Yellow Smoke and his tribe found the area of Yellow Smoke dense prairie and upland
timber. The land supported buffalo. wild turkey, bobwhite quail, ruffed grouse and prairie chikens.

But since that time, human preasure has changed the landscape and it's wild inhabitants. The large game elk and
buffalo were the first to disappear. By the early 1900's native game birds, wild turkey, grouse and prairie
chickens were greatly reduced. Gradual changes in habitat and an increasing human population were the
dominant factors influencing the fate of wildlife populations. With proper management, these birds are now
making a comeback.

Public interest and concern about wildlife increased as it became evident that continuation of the past trends
would lead to extermination of many species. People began to realize that wildlife needed proper management to

Since 1963, the Crawford County Conservation Board has been involved in this effort that both recreation and
wildlife habitat are being provided at Yellow Smoke Park.